Passion is a quality that can be cultured or simply blossom by itself. 
I guess today would be a clear example of how passion is important in individuals. Coming in the race, it seems rather hard to believe that we were able to overcome this obstacle-ourselves. Climbing up Mount Faber , there were apparent moments where we just wanted to give up. Furthermore it was pouring whilst we were protected from the water with our ponchos and gortex, we were wet inside-our sweat. A long and tedious journey to start off the race on top of our morale knowing that we did not have any form of transport. Yet, somehow our passion for our team helped us through this for we wanted everyone to reach the top together. It felt as though our determination to succeed was instantaneously enhance.
This reenactment exemplifies what we have been doing for the past few hours. Tired yet all smiles.
So what happens when we don’t have passion?  seems as though life would have little meaning. We would be directionless. Life would simply be moments of us passing through one motion after another. 
Therefore, passion is the one quality that allows other values to be built upon and cultivated so that we live life to the fullest. 

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