Generation millenials, also known as generation Y, is often called the strawberry generation. Many have called us soft, apathetic and lack national pride. And while it pains my group to say this, there is some truth to this claim.

With regards to us being soft, my generation has been brought up in a life of luxury as compared to our predecessors. We have not experience much hardship in life and this has resulted in us being soft. An example would be how parents and grandparents, having gone through tougher times in order to achieve the material well being that they currently enjoy. Having experiencing such hardships, they do not want their children or grandchildren to go through the same experience. Hence, they shower us with gifts and goods to allow us to live in comfort. This inexperience has soften us as we did not have to work to get the things that we have. Therefore, when it is time for us to work for something, we are easily demotivated by setbacks and failures. Thus, being called soft.

My generation is also called apathetic as we do not pay attention to our surroundings. Being brought up in such a safe environment, we do not feel the need to read up about what is happening in current affairs as we believe that the government would resolve the problem for us. This indifference would be our downfall as we lack the political awareness and when the current cabinet were to step down, we would not have many suitable and experience candidates to take over.

Lastly, many have also commented on my generation’s lack of national pride. Having been born in peaceful times, we never really appreciate the importance of peace and the need to maintain it. Despite the numerous attempts by the government to inculcate national pride, it is clear that it is something that my generation still severely lacks. An example would be the increasing number of citizens that choose to immigrate. Despite Singapore having provide us with this comfortable and safe environment, we are not proud of our nationality.

However, it is important to note that while such negative remarks may be true, my generation also possess some good traits as well. One such trait would be how we are more willing to experiment as compared to the older generations. An example would how we are taking part in this race!!!


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