Day 01

Its 3.15 am and I am redoing this post because of my carelessness of accidentally selecting a very long post and replacing it with the alphabet “y”. Good job me. *heart breaking* 

Anyway, the first day started early in the morning. We realised that our linked in accounts were not properly linked. Early in the morning, Lin Hui sent us a text on how to properly link it. By 7.15 am, all had been done- I know because I was the last to link it on this blog heeh. We met at Tanjong Pagar Station. Soon enough the SMRT personnel approached us to move away from the spot we ‘conquered’. Just in time, Lin Hui had just arrived and we were off… We took the escalator up only to find a crowd of people at the top of the escalator. As you may have suspected, it was raining and people had gathered to find umbrellas etc etc. We, on the other hand, decided to head back down a short flight of stairs to glamorously change to our slippers and poncho. We were then on our way to headquarters! What a start to the day!

We settled our administrative matters and started planning our route- for once, I felt assured for at least we were prepared even without 4 of the 12 landmarks. Imagine how awed we were when we realised it was void. Wow. I never would have thought… It was a quite disturbing and sad to know that our efforts were in vain… All the sleepless nights trying to figure it out. Oh well, expect the unexpected. 

An auction was held and our team was unable to score modes of transport for the team. Oh the agony! I was quite affected with the groups decision to not use our points… I guess the auction seemed to expensive for us and having to let go of the number of likes which took so much effort. I was nodding when Fadzli came by to express this- points do matter but transport is more important in the race. I don’t want us to suffer from traveling around Singapore! But it was done. Anwar and Fadzli then suggested we try to liase with other teams to get modes of transport. Another team coach approached to say that the reality is, they most probably would not want to give it to us. But somehow, I felt there was a need to ask for sympathy from the other teams and so whilst the rest were discussing what to do given our situation, I asked around. You cannot imagine the relieve when the first group I approached agreed to opening up their form of transport for us- yay team Masoci! There was this sudden feeling of gratitude and hope. They agreed to open up a train ride for us if we really needed it. We exchanged contacts and yay! I asked around again and had teams Tennis, Beggars and The. Centurions open forms of transport for us. Yay!!! 

We planned our route and off we went to Mount Faber. Oh and we we asked to leave a hotel where we had stopped to plan the route. Heh. We went all then way up! It was really a journey that tested our mental and physical strength and especially with the rain pouring down on us. The only thing that helped pulled us through the hurdle was the motivation by the team. We hiked up knowing our team members were doing this for us as well. It does inspire me because I think if we were to have done it individually, we would have stopped halfway and given up. I can’t really express this in words but I’ll try my hardest. We were drained but at some point, a friend will push us on- be it with their antics (singing, smiling, cheering) or their sheer presence of having someone be by your side. It was a team effort. We reached the Jewel Box and rested for a while to do our challenge. It was really fun because we allocated tasks and did a cohesive peace. We were simply esthetic by the time we got to the top. 

The journey back down to Telok Blangah Road was a little more fun! We saw the mist of being so high in Singapore. It was getting late and yellow lights seemed to form a beautiful array of patterns that I have never seen before. We passed a bridge and it was astounding to see how the different elements had created such a scenery. The bridge was wooden and had an alignment of lights near its railings. The floor was wet as a result of the rain and it reflected the yellow lights near the railings. It seemed to light the way for us. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures because it was raining and our camera was not waterproof. Nevertheless, it’s still clear in my memory. 

We reached a dead end once but it only made it more fun:D It’s like we grew so closer within the past 24hours that how tired we were did not matter. We had our dinners and headed for West Coast Park to end off the day. And that was another journey…. A 10km walk-temptations to head back home or stop by a relative’s house was creeping on us given how tired we were. We had to constantly remind ourselves of the value of integrity and how everything we did in the race depended on it-if not it would be worthless. But yea, I was a real challenge for it didn’t seem to make sense to get ourselves more and more tired just to rest for the day. I guess this is Singapore and everything is bounded by rules and regulations…

And here we are, at West Coast Park. Everyone is resting well. 
Oh and you know, I wanted muscles- well I think I have they are growing. My hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet as well as my core is cramped! Speaking of which, I lost count of how many times I had leg and tummy cramps throughout the 10km walk. I never knew it could continue walking as though nothing had happened. Throughout the journey to West Coast Park, we just talked and walked and sung and stayed merry 🙂

From the day that had passed, “together everyone achieves more” is an apt way of describing the overall feeling. We have the little things- changing our footwear together so we won’t feel awkward, walking together around town feeling secured knowing we have our trusted teammates to look out for us, its like a family. As ridiculous as it sounds, we really have grown to care for each other like a family. We make decisions together, wait for one another, learn to compromise and take initiative.  There is also this whole idea of sympathy that I would like to tap on. I really was surprised when they allowed us forms of transport- some may say its just to make alliances in a competition, but I think as of now, the competition doesn’t matter. Our goal is to do our best in completing tasks and challenges.



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